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Genotoxicity of Diesel Particulate Matter Emitted by Port-Injection of Hydrous Ethanol and n-Butanol

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Marlon Cadrazco

Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Universidad de Antioquia (UdeA),
Calle 70 No. 52-21,
Medellín 050010, Colombia
e-mail: Marlon.cadrazco@udea.edu.co

John R. Agudelo

Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Universidad de Antioquia (UdeA),
Calle 70 No. 52-21,
Medellín 050010, Colombia
e-mail: John.agudelo1@udea.edu.co

Luz Y. Orozco

Environmental Modeling and
Management (GAIA),
Universidad de Antioquia (UdeA),
Calle 70 No. 52-21,
Medellín 050010, Colombia
e-mail: lyorozcoj@gmail.com

Verónica Estrada

Environmental Modeling and
Management (GAIA),
Universidad de Antioquia (UdeA),
Calle 70 No. 52-21,
Medellín 050010, Colombia
e-mail: veronicae77@gmail.com

Contributed by the Internal Combustion Engine Division of ASME for publication in the JOURNAL OF ENERGY RESOURCES TECHNOLOGY. Manuscript received February 20, 2017; final manuscript received February 28, 2017; published online March 30, 2017. Assoc. Editor: Stephen A. Ciatti.

J. Energy Resour. Technol 139(4), 042207 (Mar 30, 2017) (5 pages) Paper No: JERT-17-1088; doi: 10.1115/1.4036253 History: Received February 20, 2017; Revised February 28, 2017

This work evaluated the genotoxic potential of the soluble organic material (SOM) extracted from the particulate matter (PM) emitted by an automotive diesel engine. The engine was modified to operate with a home-made multipoint-port injection system to substitute 10% of ultralow-sulfur diesel (ULSD) fuel in energy basis by hydrous ethanol (h-Et) or n-butanol (n-Bu) injected into the manifold during the intake stroke. A low engine load mode named M4 (43 N·m at 2410 min−1) and a medium-load mode M2 (95 N·m at 2410 min−1) were selected from the vehicle homologation cycle. PM was collected with a stainless steel filter located 1.5 m downstream the exhaust manifold. The SOM of the PM was extracted to evaluate the genotoxic activity on human lymphocytes using the comet assay. Results indicated that independently of the mode, the SOM coming from alcohols led more genotoxicity than ULSD, following the order h-Et > n-Bu > ULSD. The low engine load operation exhibited much more deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) damage than mode M2, especially the PM produced by hydrous ethanol port-injection. Although further research is still necessary, these findings suggest that the biology activity of the SOM coming from alcohols PM could be a barrier for the implementation of alcohol port-injection technology.

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Grahic Jump Location
Fig. 1

Length of the comet tail when apply (a) PBS, (b) DMSO, (c) H2O2, and (d) SOM from M4 h-Et

Grahic Jump Location
Fig. 2

Percentage of the damaged cells in modes M2 (top) and M4 (bottom)

Grahic Jump Location
Fig. 3

Weighted damage index for modes M2 (top) and M4 (bottom)



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