This work describes the thermoeconomic study of an integrated combined cycle parabolic trough power plant. The parabolic trough plant will economize boiler activity, and thus the thermoeconomic optimization of the configuration of the boiler, including the parabolic trough plant, will be achieved. The objective is to obtain the optimum design parameters for the boiler and the size of the parabolic field. The proposal is to apply the methodology employed by Duran [1] and Valde´s et. al. [2], but with the inclusion of the parabolic trough plant into the optimization problem. It is important to point out that the optimization model be applied to a single pressure level configuration. For future works, it is proposed that the same model be applied to different configurations of integrated combined cycle solar power plants. As a result the optimum thermoeconomic design will be obtained for a parabolic trough plant used to economize the HRSG.

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