A volume tracking scheme, ASCA (Advanced Subgrid Counting Algorithm), which is easily extendable to three-dimensions and possesses a good volume conservation property, is proposed. To examine the potential of ASCA, several two-phase flow simulations are carried out. As a result, the following conclusions are obtained: (1) Predicted shapes and breakup characteristics of single fluid particles in simple shear flows agree well with available data even with a low spatial resolution, (2) A water drop impinging on water surface and an air bubble rising through a stagnant water are successfully simulated with little errors in volume conservation, (3) Predicted shapes and terminal velocities of single drops in stagnant liquids under wide ranges of the viscosity ratio and Morton number agree well with measured one, and (4) In spite of a low spatial resolution, vapor bubbles flowing in a strong shear flow are simulated with good volume conservation. The interface sharpness is well preserved even after a large deformation of bubbles.

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