Large eddy simulation (LES) of flows around a forcedoscillating circular cylinder is carried out using the Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian (ALE) method and a central difference scheme for the convection terms, which is a newly proposed discretization scheme that improves the conservation properties of the mass, momentum, and especially kinetic energy. The results are compared with the measurements that are also carried out by authors, in terms of lock-in phenomenon. It is shown that the numerically predicted pressure and velocity distributions are in good agreement with the experimental data, both in the lower and the upper lock-in region, and the phase difference between the cylinder displacement and the vortex shedding is consistent with previous findings. In addition, it is clarified that the frequency range of the lock-in in LES is almost the same in width as that of the experiment, while it becomes wider in the comparative analysis, in which the QUICK scheme is employed for the convection terms. Such discrepancies between two calculations are prominent, especially in the stationary and the lower frequency region.

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