A compressible flow solver coupled with moving/deformed geometries on Cartesian grid with Signed Distance Field (SDF) is developed and its capability is investigated through computations of several basic flow fields for future applications with certain reliability. The flow solver is designed so that SDF includes sufficient geometrical information to compute flow fields. Since information of moving/deformed geometries is recognized as a change of the SDF between time steps, the flow solver can be coupled with moving/deformed geometries naturally. The implementation of this solver is simple and easy. No modification is needed in the main part of the flow solver. Furthermore, the interpolation and the corresponding stencils searching process are not required. Several basic flow fields around fixed/moving cylinders and a fixed sphere are computed in order to validate the proposed solver, in which the computed results are compared with available numerical and experimental results. The results demonstrated the method’s capability for moderate Reynolds number flows around both of fixed and moving geometries. Based on the results, some criteria and problems for obtaining reliable solution are suggested.

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