The purpose of this study is searching for a new method of dispersing spilled heavy oil, which has a detrimental effect on the natural environment and the ecosystem of the sea. A method ejecting a water jet vertically downward to heavy oil on the water surface was discussed. The water jet involved the heavy oil and the minute air bubbles, and passed the nozzle of the guide plate. The shapes of the nozzles of the guide plates were three types; a conventional column, a 5 times length column, and a taper. The dispersion efficiency of the taper type nozzle was the best among three. The flow in the nozzle of the three guide plates were recorded by a high-speed camera. From the high-speed moves, the occurrence of two flows, regular and counter flow, was suspected in the taper guide plate. In addition, it seemed that the two flows occurred the sharing force between the minute air bubbles. It is considered that the sharing force invent the surplus efficiency of disperse.

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