Sand erosion is a phenomenon where solid particles impinging to a wall cause serious mechanical damages to the wall surface. This phenomenon is a typical gas-particle two-phase turbulent flow and a multi-physics problem where the flow field, particle trajectory and wall deformation interact with among others. On the other hand, the sand erosion is a serious problem to install pneumatic conveying systems for handling abrasive materials. Incidentally, the bend erosion is typical target of sand erosion experiments and is useful for verification of numerical simulations. Although, the secondary flow which occurs in such a flow field including streamline curvature cannot be reproduced by the standard k-ε model. To predict this flow field, a more universal model which can estimate anisotropic Reynolds stress is required. In the present study, we simulate sand erosion of 90 degree bend with a square cross-section. We use some linear/nonlinear turbulence models to predict the secondary flow of the bend. Besides, the performance of each model to predict clear/eroded bend flow field is studied.

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