To improve knowledge on the design and operational issues of heat exchangers used in the liquefaction process of liquefied natural gas (LNG), experiments were conducted to investigate the complex two-phase flow phenomena in an n-pentane environment. Special focus was placed on characterizing the impact thresholds (bouncing, coalescence, splashing, etc.) of n-pentane droplets impinging on a flowing liquid film of various angles. In the phase diagram of velocity and diameter, the threshold of splashing for n-pentane was found to be below that for water (i.e. lower translational energies lead to splashing). The splashing threshold was well-characterized by a model reported previously for water droplets on stationary surfaces, adjusted slightly for non-normal impacts, which is influenced greatly by the thickness of the liquid film. In addition, the bouncing threshold of n-pentane was found to decrease with higher liquid film velocities with a threshold generally lower than that of water.

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