This study investigated heat recovery systems and its effects on energy saving. Heat recovery systems are used for energy saving in heating, ventilating and air conditioning applications. In the study, a workplace equipped with and without heat recovery system was taken into consideration. The workplace has an air handling unit (AHU) which has 25,000 m3/h fresh air flow rate, 414 kW heating and 356 kW cooling capacities. AHU uses mixture air including %50 rooms air and mixes in mixing filter section. As a heat recovery system, rotary type heat exchanger was selected and its performance was investigated. Annual energy saving, initial investment cost, annual operating expenses, payback time and profit parameters were calculated to compare two air handling units for each month. According to the results, cooling battery power in the cooling season and heating battery power is reduced with the usage of rotary type heat exchanger. It is obvious that presence of the heat recovery systems enhances performance of the air handling units.

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