Evolution of wing tip vortex has been widely studied by many researchers. Winglet, jet, and suction devices have been implemented close to the wing tip to passively or actively mitigate the tip vortex effects. This study aims to investigate the effects of employing a synthetic jet at the tip of a half wing model. The flow was assumed to be incompressible, low speed and the Reynolds number based on chord length with aspect ratio equal to two for half wing was 1.8 × 105. Different reduced frequencies and momentum coefficients were applied. A Detached Eddy Simulation by considering Spalart-Allmaras as the turbulence model for subgrid scale zone and near the walls was employed to simulate the flow field study. Results showed large diffusivity in vortex core. Also, a reduction in longitudinal and total velocity magnitude has observed at vortex core region in the near wake.

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