We have simulated atmospheric turbulence at several instances of possible laser propagation paths and turbulent flow regime regions within the area of interest. At a control volume that is in between two Hawaii mountains. We have applied statistical correlations between Large-Eddy Simulations results using CFD modeling and parametrizing optical variables of interest, such as refractive index structure function. By comparing our Large-Eddy Simulations with specified parameters against other Large-Eddy Simulations with almost all same parameters except for one allows us to perform a sensitivity study. To study the changes on how a parameter can affect other scenarios of Large-Eddy Simulations parametric studies. With the end goal of validating the capacity of a sensitivity analysis study using Large-Eddy Simulations versus other Large-Eddy Simulations by a way of simulating and parametrizing turbulent flow studies found in the field of CFD modeling. Allowing us to achieve our stochastic analysis by applying sensitivity studies to see how our distributions change as a function of different parameters, but one at a time. After a comparison between CFD modelling simulations we have found that after a complete parametric study, a correlation was formed between turbulent flow parameters and optical parameters of interest.

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