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Keywords: Unsteady flow
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Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. AJKFluids2019, Volume 3B: Fluid Applications and Systems, V03BT03A029, July 28–August 1, 2019
Paper No: AJKFluids2019-5183
... direction. Meanwhile the unstable flow is first presented in the meridian plane near the outer duct surface. Finally, a wave-like swing of the flow is presented at the rear of the unstable flow region, resulting in low frequency fluctuation in pressure. ALIP MHD pump unsteady flow CFD 3D...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. FEDSM2013, Volume 1B, Symposia: Fluid Machinery; Fluid Power; Fluid-Structure Interaction and Flow-Induced Noise in Industrial Applications; Flow Applications in Aerospace; Flow Manipulation and Active Control: Theory, Experiments and Implementation; Fundamental Issues and Perspectives in Fluid Mechanics, V01BT10A018, July 7–11, 2013
Paper No: FEDSM2013-16303
... inducer instabilities. Inducer Cavitation Suction Recirculation Unsteady Flow Turbopump 1 Copyright © 2013 by ASME EVALUATION AND ANALYSIS OF AN EARLY INDUCER DESIGN AND ITS APPROACH TO BACKFLOW CONTROL Donald P. Sloteman Director, Advanced Technology Curtiss-Wright Flow Control, Engineered...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. FEDSM2012, Volume 1: Symposia, Parts A and B, 405-412, July 8–12, 2012
Paper No: FEDSM2012-72139
... The multiphase unsteady flow fields in a double-channel pump have been investigated both numerically and experimentally for the design condition and also off-design conditions. Three-dimensional, unsteady Reynolds-averaged Navier–Stokes equations are solved on high-quality unstructured...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. FEDSM2012, Volume 1: Symposia, Parts A and B, 435-441, July 8–12, 2012
Paper No: FEDSM2012-72155
... Numerical simulations and performance tests were conducted to analyze the effects of splitter blades on the performance and whole unsteady flow field of a centrifugal pump. The studied pump is a single stage pump with a shrouded impeller (diameter = 160mm, 4 blades, specific speed = 47). Based...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. FEDSM2009, Volume 1: Symposia, Parts A, B and C, 1655-1662, August 2–6, 2009
Paper No: FEDSM2009-78189
... 30 07 2010 An experimental investigation was carried out to study the unsteady flow field behind a sinusoidally pitching airfoil at reduced frequencies 0.091, 0.182 and 0.273. Streamwise instantaneous velocity and streamwise mean velocity in the wake were measured by hot-wire...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. FEDSM2009, Volume 1: Symposia, Parts A, B and C, 61-69, August 2–6, 2009
Paper No: FEDSM2009-78065
... 30 07 2010 Adopting the Reynolds averaged Navier-Stokes equation and RNG k-ε turbulent model, the unsteady flow in the double channel pump is simulated with sliding mesh technique. Detecting points in the impeller and volute passages are to capture the pressure fluctuation law...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. FEDSM2008, Volume 2: Fora, 225-233, August 10–14, 2008
Paper No: FEDSM2008-55258
... 10 07 2009 A numerical study is presented on the unsteady flow at the tongue region of a single suction volute-type centrifugal pump with a specific speed of 0.46. The flow through the pump, available at laboratory, was simulated by means of a commercial CFD software that solved...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. FEDSM2008, Volume 1: Symposia, Parts A and B, 1173-1178, August 10–14, 2008
Paper No: FEDSM2008-55237
... station CFD FEM unsteady flow vibration analysis Proceedings of FEDSM2008 2008 ASME Fluids Engineering Conference August 10-14, 2008 Jacksonville, Florida USA flow passage; the other is caused by the flow separation T e @Copyright © 2008 by ASME 1 tube are obtained. The pressure fluctuation...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. FEDSM2008, Volume 1: Symposia, Parts A and B, 1179-1185, August 10–14, 2008
Paper No: FEDSM2008-55238
.... The characteristic of unsteady flow and the pressure pulsation as well as their relationships are discussed in this paper, which also analyzed the correlation between the unsteady flow pattern and the pressure fluctuation at different parts of the turbine. In order to optimize the internal flow distribution...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. FEDSM2007, Volume 2: Fora, Parts A and B, 841-848, July 30–August 2, 2007
Paper No: FEDSM2007-37400
... mainly affects the impeller flow at the rear part near the impeller outlet. The diffuser flow strongly depends on the relative impeller position which provides different inflow conditions for the diffuser. Particle Image Velocimetry radial diffuser pump unsteady flow impeller-diffuser...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. FEDSM2007, Volume 2: Fora, Parts A and B, 1011-1022, July 30–August 2, 2007
Paper No: FEDSM2007-37609
... 26 03 2009 The aim of this study is to evaluate the influence of design parameters on the unsteady flow in a forward-curved centrifugal fan and their impact on the aeroacoustic behavior. To do so, numerical and experimental study has been carried out on four centrifugal impellers...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. FEDSM2007, Volume 1: Symposia, Parts A and B, 1749-1754, July 30–August 2, 2007
Paper No: FEDSM2007-37508
... is discussed. Numerical solution is obtained for different values of R (Suction Reynolds number) using R-K Gill’s method and the graphs of dimensionless functions f′ and f have been drawn. Unsteady flow Parallel porous plates Transverse Magnetic field Suction Reynolds number R-K Gill’s method T G...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. FEDSM2002, Volume 1: Fora, Parts A and B, 1131-1136, July 14–18, 2002
Paper No: FEDSM2002-31342
... Base flow Near wake Unsteady flow Drag reduction Proceedings of ASME FEDSM’02 2002 ASME Fluids Engineering Division Summer Meeting G velocimetry and measurement of the total unsteady lift and drag loads. Keyw Drag re INTROD Wa wings w edge [1 increase should basic d [2]. Thi drag re splitter...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. HT-FED2004, Volume 2, Parts A and B, 1255-1260, July 11–15, 2004
Paper No: HT-FED2004-56792
... interactions between the moving part and the fixed part. This phenomenon has as consequences: strongly unsteady flow, fluctuating efforts on the stator bladings and an efficiency decrease. The analysis of the fluid behavior in this zone allowed the judicious choice of the fan geometry, the aim is to improve...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. FEDSM2003, Volume 1: Fora, Parts A, B, C, and D, 2617-2622, July 6–10, 2003
Paper No: FEDSM2003-45222
..., the unsteady response of the turbulence to the imposed unsteady flow is investigated by analyzing the relation between the unsteady Reynolds stress and the instantaneous velocity fluctuation during the accelerating and decelerating phase. It is found that, near the pipe-wall, the statistical parameter...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. FEDSM2005, Volume 1: Symposia, Parts A and B, 1543-1549, June 19–23, 2005
Paper No: FEDSM2005-77012
... it may cause structural vibration and noise. In this paper, the steady and unsteady turbulent flow through the whole flow passage of an entire centrifugal pump, has been computed to predict the pressure fluctuation of flow in the pump. 14 10 2008 Centrifugal pump Unsteady flow Turbulent...