This work is focused on the diagnosis of behavior, from the point of view of control emissions and noise level, of a power Turbogas plant during the process of commissioning, to guarantee that its operation complies with national and international standards. The environmental diagnosis of the power plant was developed as part of the performance evaluation of the unit. The conditions of the unit evaluation include operation at base load and partial load, as well as time periods for load changes. The evaluated power plant consists of an aeroderivative gas turbine installed in a simple cycle, operating with a cooling system (chiller) installed in the urban zone of Mexico City. Therefore, it should comply with the legislation and regulations of the city concerning air pollution and allowed noise, besides the international standards established by the manufacturer. The study includes emissions measurements using a Continuous Emissions Monitoring System installed in-situ, previously calibrated and checked during and after the test which was found inside the permissible deviation of 3%. Measurements were recorded at intervals of 5 minutes during test periods of 110 minutes for each load and 45 minutes for load changes. On the other hand, noise pressure evaluation was carried out in near field as well as far field produced by the power plant during operation. Measurements were carried out by using precision instruments installed specifically for it. A temporary system for obtaining data was used to monitoring the environmental conditions every 30 seconds. It was possible to verify that the turbogenerator complies with all noise levels and contaminant emissions requirements and regulations according to the limits established by the manufacturer and national and international standards.

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