Effective internal and external cooling of airfoils is key to maintaining component life for efficient gas turbines. Cooling designs have spanned the range from simple internal convective channels to more advanced double-walls with shaped film-cooling holes. This paper describes the development of an internal and external cooling concept for a state-of-the-art cooled turbine blade. These cooling concepts are based on a review of literature and patents, as well as, interactions with academic and industry turbine cooling experts. The cooling configuration selected and described in this paper is referred to as the “baseline” design, since this design will simultaneously be tested with other more advanced blade cooling designs in a rotating turbine test facility using a “rainbow turbine wheel” configuration. For the baseline design, the leading edge is cooled by internal jet impingement and showerhead film cooling. The mid-chord region of the blade contains a three-pass serpentine passage with internal discrete V-shaped trip strips to enhance the internal heat transfer coefficient. The film cooling along the mid-chord of the blade uses multiple rows of shaped diffusion holes. The trailing edge is internally cooled using jet impingement and externally film cooled through partitioned cuts on the pressure side of the blade.

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