Since its inception in 1989, the LM6000 gas turbine has undergone a series of successful factory tests and several turbines have begun commercial operation. Derived from the CF6-80C2, the LM6000 has been widely accepted for industrial cogeneration and peaking electrical power applications due to its high output power and high simple cycle thermal efficiency. The successful application of GE’s other LM series gas turbines, such as the LM1600, LM2500, and LM5000, for cogeneration use was factored into the development of the LM6000.

This paper provides an update of the LM6000 performance and operating characteristics based upon data recorded in factory tests completed in 1992. In addition, it discusses how the LM6000 can be adapted to meet power generation and cogeneration needs, both today and beyond the year 2000, including conversion to Dry Low NOx combustion technology.

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