Experimental research for seven exhaust ejector system combinations, including four two-dimensional (2-D) lobed nozzles and three 2-D mixing tubes, has been conducted to investigate the effect of the lobe structure on the aerodynamic performances of the ejector systems. Test results show that: 2-D eligned lobed nozzles have better pumping and mixing enhancement abilities than the 2-D staggered lobed nozzles, but they also cause bigger pressure losses; the 2-D lobed nozzle with equal lobe width have better aerodynamic performances than the 2-D lobed nozzle with bigger inner lobe width. 2-D aligned scalloped lobed nozzle has the best pumping and mixing enhancement performances, but it also has the biggest pressure loss coefficient. Among the tested combinations, the combination of 2-D staggered lobed nozzle with equal lobe width and 2-D mixing tube with multiple-ring cooling structure has the best combined aerodynamic performances.

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