A 3D-CFD simulation of the impeller and volute casing of a centrifugal pump has been performed using commercial codes CFX 5.5 and CFX-TASCflow 2.12. The pump has an specific speed of 32 (metric units) and an outside impeller diameter of 400 mm. First, a 3D-flow simulation for the isolated impeller with a structured grid is presented. A sensitivity analysis regarding grid quality and turbulence models were also performed. A 3D quasi-unsteady flow simulation of the impeller-volute assembly is presented, as well. This flow simulation was carried out for several impeller blades and volute tongue relative positions. As a result, the radial thrust on the pump shaft were calculated for different flow rates. Experimental test were carried out in order to compare theoretical pressure fluctuations with the experimental ones measured by various unsteady pressure sensors placed on the impeller shroud and volute. The qualitative and quantitative results ratify numerical predictions.

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