A wireless electrical resistance detector has been developed to measure the real-time particle volume fraction in a centrifuge for controlling a rotational velocity and particle supply rate. The purpose of this study is development of real-time particle concentration measurement technique in centrifuges because a technique for measuring the particle concentration in the centrifuges has not existed yet. The wireless electrical resistance detector was attached around a centrifuge for real centrifuge measurement experiment. This experimental centrifuge had electrodes which were covered with dielectric poly methyl methacrylate to avoid conductivity around the electrodes. The wireless electrical resistance detector was lightweight because the centrifuge condition is very severe because the rotational velocity was 3790rpm and gravity was 2000G. At first, sodium chloride solution was put in the centrifuge for the reaction stabilization of the wireless electrical resistance detector. Next, slurry of sodium chloride solution and acrylic particles with 50μm was continuously supplied in centrifuge for 10 minutes. As a result, the measured voltage was increased because the slurry was piled up in the vicinity of centrifuge inner wall. The measured resistance was increased with the lapse of time. The measured resistance coincides with an anticipated tendency of resistance. A change of particle volume fractions was measured in the centrifuge by the wireless electrical resistance detector.

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