Turbine Control System (DEH) and Turbine Protection System (ETS) are important auxiliary systems for turbines. Normally DEH and ETS are supplied by turbine manufacturers. This paper investigates the operation experience in Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs) in China, there are many problems including information security, maintenance inconvenience, long supply cycle guarantee, high cost and so on in DEH and ETS. This paper analyzes the problems and tries to get the reasons why DEH&ETS have these problems. The Distribute Control System (DCS) technology has been widely used in nuclear power plant in now days, so this paper puts forward a technical solution based on the safety DCS and non-safety DCS platform to realize the DEH and ETS, and according to the feasibility analysis of products, and the test results based on engineering prototype, the solution can solve the problems of DEH and ETS effectively, some performances of the DEH&ETS have been improved, and the solution has a good prospect in further.

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