NuScale is a small nuclear reactor that relies on natural circulation. Its modular production and inherent safety can not only be used to generate electricity in some remote areas, but also provide energy for water desalination and regional heating. However, the dynamic characteristics of the NuScale are different from those of the traditional PWRs because of its passive characteristic. Therefore, it is necessary to study and analyze the system dynamic characteristics of NuScale.

The NuScale PWR model is established based on MATLAB&Simulink. It includes point-reactor kinetics model with six groups delayed neutrons, coolant system and steam generator system. The model is established based on the conservation equations of mass, energy and momentum. And the correctness of the model is verified by the comparison between the steady-state calculation results and the design parameters. Transient calculation results are verified by mechanism analysis.

To evaluate the dynamic characteristics of NuScale, the sine function changes with different frequencies in reactor reactivity and feedwater mass flow rate are introduced. The amplitude and phase responses of reactor power, secondary loop steam pressure, secondary loop mass flow rate, secondary loop steam temperature, and coolant average temperature are recorded. Then the Bode plot can be drawn with amplitude and phase responses in different frequencies. To evaluate the NuScale dynamic characteristics, frequency domain analysis is performed.

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