In this article kinematic analysis of a 3 Leg-Spherically Actuated (3SA) parallel manipulator will be addressed. Since each leg has a spherical actuator (three inputs for each leg) and manipulator has three legs; totally, there are nine inputs. Due to the fact that the manipulator has six degree of freedom, only six independent inputs are needed. Thus actuation could be done in different ways. If the triangles representing base and platform are equilateral, there are twenty different ways of actuation that should be studied during forward kinematic analysis. Rather than adopting the standard Denavit-Hartenberg approach, a simple method for forward kinematic analysis for all these different ways of twenty ways has been introduced. Considering all these ways, it will be shown that at least two and at most six nonlinear algebraic equations should be solved during forward kinematic analysis, while choosing the standard approach twelve nonlinear equations should be solved for each way of actuation. A unique inverse kinematic method has been presented. The singularly analysis for all these different ways of actuation has also been studied. For two out of the twenty different ways, closed form solutions for the singularity analysis have been obtained, for other ways; conditions which result in singularity configuration has been presented and simulation justified the proposed criteria.

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