A kind of data acquisition platform to test vehicle shifting performance is presented based on virtual instrumentation technology. The platform helps to perform test efficiently by synchronously accessing various kinds of data transferred by electronic transducers and CAN bus, for example the signals of clutch travel, throttle angular, engine speed, gearbox input speed, vehicle velocity and acceleration and so on. A friendly GUI (Graphical user interface) is developed to manage experimental layout based on graphical function block in software of LabVIEW. QSM (Queued Stated Machine) to construct producer consumer architecture with functions of multi-channel and real-time data acquisition, data analysis and data storage is adopted. Vehicle experiment to acquisit data during shifting process of AMT (Automated Mechanical Transmission) are carried out, which takes advantages of high integration, great scalability and excellent reliability. The presented test platform is valuable to design and evaluation of electrical control system in vehicle.

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