Gear transmission is a key component in locomotive where it delivers the traction or braking forces between the motor and the wheelset. Its working performance has a direct effect on the operating reliability and safety. Therefore, investigation on the dynamic characteristics of the gear transmission in locomotives is very meaningful. In this study, a gear transmission-locomotive-track spatial coupled dynamic model is established based on the classical locomotive-track coupled dynamics and the gear dynamics theory. Based on this model, the dynamic responses of the gear transmission can be analysed under excitations from different track geometrical irregularity, and the dynamic performance of the gear transmission can be obtained. This paper also studies the effect law of the track irregularity on the vibration of the gear transmission by using statistical indicators RMS (Root Mean Square) and PtP (Peak-to-Peak). The results indicate that the track geometrical irregularity has an obvious impact to the dynamic performance of gear transmission. The dynamic response of the gear transmission will increase violently when the locomotive runs on the track in a worse condition. The results are expected to be capable of providing some references for fatigue life prediction and reliability analysis of the gear transmissions in locomotive.

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