Inverted drop testing of vehicles is a methodology that has long been used by the automotive industry and by researchers to test roof integrity. In our laboratory, the inverted drop test methodology was employed on a late model production sport utility vehicle (SUV) in order to simulate the damage incurred by a real world rollover accident. The extent and shape of residual damage matched well with the accident damage. A second vehicle was reinforced based upon techniques and methods published by Herbst et al1, which reduced the crush from 11″ to 2.75″. Incorporation of these techniques demonstrated an increase in roof strength of approximately four-fold with a minor weight addition. The modified vehicle was dropped a second time for a cumulative drop height of 3 feet. The modified vehicle after the second test crushed approximately 3–4″ over the driver seating location and 7″ at the top of the driver’s A-pillar.

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