This paper presents results of different burning rates of small-scale ethanol pool fires at pressures of 0.6∼1.0 atm in closed and open space. Experiments were performed using a square burner of side length of 4 cm under two different conditions: one was taken in a closed low air pressure cabin (0.5 m3, the interior pressure ranges from 0.6–1.0 atm); another was taken in open space respectively in Hefei (air pressure: 1.0 atm) and Lhasa (air pressure: 0.66 atm). The pool fire characteristics including the burning rate, the axial temperature and pulsation frequency of flame were measured. In closed space, the burning rate, flame temperature, and pulsation frequency of small-scale ethanol pool fires decreased with the decreasing pressure, while in open space they increased when the air pressure reduced. As a result of different ambient conditions and oxygen depletion, the burning rate, flame temperature and pulsation frequency were lower at lower air pressure in closed space but were higher at higher air pressure in open space.

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