In this paper a tracked stair climbing robot will be developed. The robot can be controlled using any smart cell phone through Bluetooth. When designing the robot, the main constraints taken into consideration are the ability to climb the stairs in addition to the optimal size and weight; the robot needs to be small and light enough to get into places inaccessible by human. It needs also to be large enough to climb obstacles commonly found in any areas, such as rough terrains and stairs. Finally, it will be equipped with digital humidity and temperature sensor (DHT). A prototype of the stair climbing robot is designed and implemented, this robot is capable of moving on rough terrains and climbing a stair, it is portable due to the light material used in manufacturing. This robot will be controlled using two modes; the first one will use Arduino communicating by Bluetooth Module that can be connected with any smart mobile phone. The second mode (autonomous) will use the feedback from an ultrasonic sensor installed at the top of the robot and is able to rotate using a servo motor. The prototype is tested on different rough and inclined terrains, on grassy ground and on stairs. The overall system works successfully and it performs very well. Video of the working prototype is provided.

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