In this paper, the recent progress on the determination of welding residual stresses in Q345qD steel welded structural components and their effects on stress intensity factors for semi-elliptical surface cracks has been reviewed. Two different welded structural components: butt-welded steel plate and orthotropic steel deck (OSD) are considered. First, we summarize the results from recent studies on the experimental measurements and numerical simulations of the surface and through-thickness residual stress in the welded plate and OSD; the complete longitudinal and transverse residual stress distributions are discussed. Then, the effects of the obtained welding residual stresses on the SIFs for surface cracks in the weldments are quantified. The loading conditions considered are the combinations of service loading and residual stresses on the butt-welded plate and OSD. Semi-elliptical surface cracks with a wide range of aspect ratios and relative depths are investigated. In particular, both 3D FEA and weight function method are used for the determination of SIFs for surface cracks. The effects of welding residual stresses on SIFs are illustrated thoroughly. The current results are very important for the appropriate fatigue life assessment for welded structural components.

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