Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) entered Phase 2 in 2020. In this situation, ship performance in actual seas is more important than ever.

As an energy saving bow shape in actual seas, the authors are developing a bow shape named “COVE (Concave shape optimized in waves)”. The aim of COVE is to improve performance in waves without deteriorating performance in a calm sea by transformation above the static swell up at the target speed. Since the bow shape is concave above the static swell up, COVE reduces waves reflected forward because the most concave line has a fine triangular shape instead of the blunt shape of the original.

In this paper, COVE is applied to a Capesize bulk carrier, the JBC (Japan Bulk Carrier). The parameters of COVE are examined and the shape is optimized for the JBC. The effect of COVE is validated by tank tests in terms of wave lengths, wave angles, wave heights and ship speeds.

The results clarified the fact that COVE reduces added resistance in waves by approximately 30 % in head waves compared with the original shape. Validity was verified by the radiating wave shape and the side wall wave form recorded by a video camera in the tests.

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