It is of great significance to study the tank sloshing, especially the coupling motion between tank sloshing and ship in waves with strong non-linearity and randomness. In this study, the response of the ship with/without tank in regular wave is studied by EFD method and CFD method. All the simulations are carried out by in-house CFD code HUST-Ship (hydrodynamic unsteady simulation technology of ship) to solve RANS equations coupled with six degrees of freedom solid body motion equations. RANS equations are solved by finite difference method and PISO algorithm. A two-equation Shear Stress Transport (SST) k-w turbulence model is used. The simulation results are in good agreement with the experimental results, which also indicates that the result of the tank sloshing simulated by in-house CFD code is reliable. The influence of sloshing on ship motions is estimated by comparing the experimental results between the ship with/without tank in different wave conditions. The coupling motion characteristics between the liquid in the tank and the ship is further studied by the CFD method. The study shows that the influence of tank sloshing on ship motion is different under the action of different regular waves.

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