The models of Ti clad steel tube sheet and carbon steel tube sheet are established in this paper. By the finite element analysis software ANSYS Workbench, the disciplinarian of stress distribution is investigated under thermal and mechanical loadings of tube sheet. Through the optimization, the effects of base layer, clad layer thickness and tube wall thickness on clad steel tube sheet are obtained. Results show: the overall stress distribution of clad steel tube sheet is more complex than that of carbon steel tube sheet, and the connection surface of base and clad layer presents the phenomenon of stress concentration for clad steel tube sheet. The increase of clad layer or tube wall thickness has an unfavorable effect on the quality of clad steel tube sheet. Through reasonably decreasing thickness of clad layer or tube wall, stress concentration can be improved and performance of clad steel tube sheet can be enhanced. The results provide some reference for the design of clad steel tube sheet.

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