The understanding of hydrogen embrittlement (HE) is of significant importance and fundamental interest owing to its negative effects on industrial metallic materials. The effect of solute H on the void coalescence and growth needs to be clarified. Using molecular dynamics simulation, the evolution of preexisting nano voids is studied in the presence of H atoms. As the per unit area concentration of trapped H atom on void surface reaches 0.45 /Å2, the movement of void is observed. It proceeds along with the interdiffusion of H and Fe atoms around the voids. Strain-mediated diffusion of H atoms from void surface to the zone between nearest voids occurs at first. Then the Fe atoms are affected by migrated H and diffuse in the opposite direction following the principle of energy minimization. Such mechanism can help us understand the formation of high pressure bubble at nano scale. Based on this useful information, some methods could be obtained to prevent the growth of voids further, such as strengthening the stability of metal lattice around voids by dopant etc.

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