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Proceedings Papers

Volume 1: Codes & Standards

Front Matter

Codes & Standards

API 579/ASME Code Fitness-for-Service Activities

ASME Code Section XI Activities

Constraint Effects on C&S

Developments in HDPE, Buried and Non-Metallic Pipe Codes and Standards

Environmental Fatigue Issues (Joint with M&F)

Fatigue and Fracture Assessment & Management – A Probabilistic Perspective

Fatigue and Ratcheting Issues in Pressure Vessel and Piping Design

Topics: Fatigue

Fatigue Monitoring and Related Assessment Method

Fracture Toughness and Other Small Specimen Mechanical Properties (Joint with MF)

High Temperature Codes and Standards

Hydrogen Effects on Material Behavior for Structural Integrity Assessment (Joint with MF)

Improvement of Flaw Characterization Rules for FFS

Master Curve Method and Applications

Mechanical Properties of Nuclear Graphite and Their Implementation in Codes and Standards (Joint with MF)

Probabilistic and Risk-Informed Methods for Structural Integrity Assessment (Joint with MF)

Recent Developments in ASME Codes and Standards

Recent Developments in Chinese Codes and Standards

Repair, Replacement and Mitigation for Fitness-for-Service Rules

Structural Integrity of Pressure Components

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