Roundness is one of the common attribute in the manufacturing industry. Roundness is the most prominent of the extant fundamental forms, as the majority of the fabricated components are round or cylindrical. The examination of roundness error associated with such features is critical since inadequate evaluation might result in the rejection of excellent parts. The performance of any equipment depends on the mating parts. Out-of-roundness components cause the inefficiency of such equipment's system performance. As a result, roundness error assessment is critical for macro-sized specimens as well as micro- and nano-sized components. The present article proposes a novel approach to Minimum Zone Circle (MZC) to evaluate the roundness error. An iterative field search methodology is used in the suggested approach. The recommended method is quite effective in assessing the roundness error when compared to existing techniques. It also worked well on data that was both evenly and unevenly spaced. The results suggest that altering the search field area for higher computing efficiency is straightforward, resilient and versatile.

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