The effect of variations in stream-wise spacing and component length on convection from rectangular, surface mounted components in a channel flow are reported. Component dimensions are the same order of magnitude as the channel wall-to-wall spacing. The channel Reynolds number, with air as the coolant, ranged from 670 to 3000. Flow visualization showed that under the above conditions the channel flow is transitional. The effect of variations in component stream-wise spacing on the level of turbulence in the channel and on the interaction between the core of the channel flow and the recirculating flow in cavities between components is discussed. Pressure drop measurements show that the dominant loss mechanism is due to form drag caused by the components. Local heat transfer measurements are made using an interferometer. Analysis of the results shows that the overall heat transfer is properly correlated in terms of a flow Reynolds number based on the component length. At small component Reynolds number, the overall conductance tends towards the laminar smooth wall value. An overall correlation is proposed which includes the effect of component Reynolds number, channel wall-to-wall spacing, and component stream-wise spacing.

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