The flow field ahead, within, and behind the rotor of a transonic axial compressor designed for a total pressure ratio of 1.51 at a relative tip Mach number of 1.4 has been studied in detail using an advanced laser velocimeter. The tests were carried out at 70 and 100 percent design speed (20,260 rpm) and equivalent mass flows corresponding to the point of maximum isentropic efficiency. The tests yielded quite complete data on the span- and gap-wise velocity profiles, on the three-dimensional shock waves in and outside of the rotor blade channels, and on the blade wakes. Some of the experimental results will be submitted, discussed, and compared to corresponding analytical data of a through-flow calculation. The comparison reveals considerable discrepancies inside the blade row between the two-dimensional calculation and the experiments primarily due to the loss and deviation correlations used, as well as to the distribution of losses and flow angles inside the blade channels.

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