In this paper, the theory of gearing and the concept of differential geometry have been applied to deal with the relations of two mating gears and of their bearing contact. The gear tooth surfaces of this type of gearing contact with each other at every instant at one point instead of one line. The bearing contact of the gear tooth surface is localized and the center of the bearing contact moves along the tooth surface. Thus, this type of helical gearing is not as sensitive to center distance variation and gear axes misalignment. This paper covered the solutions to the following problems: (1) Computer simulation of the conditions of meshing and bearing contact and (2) Investigation of the sensitivity of gears to the errors of manufacturing and assembly. A method of compensation for the dislocation of the bearing contact induced by errors of manufacturing and assembly has been proposed. Five numerical examples have also been presented to illustrate the influence of the above mentioned errors and the method of compensation for the dislocation of bearing contact.

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