Special Issue coming in May on “Numerical and Physical Modeling of Ships and Offshore Structures”

As a refereed technical journal, the Journal of Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering (JOMAE) is unique in that the papers reflect the leading edge R&D activities in the broad fields of offshore engineering (related to energy exploration), ocean engineering and polar & arctic engineering. These activities include pipelines, materials, safety and reliability, and ocean space utilization, which go far beyond the narrower scopes of many other well-established journals.


JOMAE publishes around 300 pages of archival-quality papers per year. A high percentage of the manuscripts come from the annual international conference proceedings. Those papers in the proceedings that are recognized as distinguished and deserving to be published in an archival journal are recommended for further review by the rigorous JOMAE editorial board. The number of independent submissions varies between 20 to 30 percent of the published papers.

In addition to the regular issues, themed issues are programed from time to time to address special needs or advances. An exclusive issue on “Numerical and Physical Modeling of Ships and Offshore Structures” is forthcoming in the May 2002 issue, put together by Drs. Subrata K. Chakrabarti and Antonio C. Fernandes, world-renowned scientists in the field. Advancements of deep-water structures have created a challenge to the designers and developers of these structures in developing design tools. The special issue contains articles that discuss the present challenges in the hydrodynamic design of offshore structures and the state of the experimental vs. numerical methods in deep-water offshore structure design. My gratitude goes to both Subrata and Antonio for their excellent work.

Because of the quality papers published in areas of critical importance, JOMAE enjoys an excellent reputation among the scientists and engineers in the field. It is certainly my privilege to head the editorial board of this prestigious publication. I would like to wholeheartedly thank the OOAE Division for its unqualified support and the enormous dedication of the Associate Editors. They are Mike Bernitsas, Ron Riggs, Ernesto Indacochea, Masao Toyoda, Sander C¸alisal, Stephen Jones, Arvid Naess, Robert Bea, Krish Thiagarajan, and Solomon Yim.